We've taken out all of the bad stuff and added in good-for-you, functional ingredients that feel as good as they taste. Our recipes are vegan & gluten-free so you can eat them raw or bake it into warm, gooey cookies (if they even lasts that long).

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Desserts deserve condiments too! Meet Drip: our line of enhanced dessert spreads made for dripping, drizzling, spooning, licking, & dipping. It's a nut butter that you'll want to spoon out of the jar. Made with ingredients you'll feel good about.

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"Our current obsession, you ask?
Deux's lineup of good-for-you treats."

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Brownie Batter

Fudgy, gooey, double chocolate goodness. Tastes so much like the boxed stuff that you won't believe it's good for you. (It is.)


Cinnamon Roll

Tastes just like the stuff you used to pop out of a tin can. We're talking sweet cinnamon swirl & white chocolate chips that turn to icing.


Birthday Cake

A fluffy almond base with rainbow sprinkle crunch. Tastes like cake batter, buttercream, & birthday nostalgia.


Hazelnut Drip

Dip it. Drip it. Spread it. This chocolate hazelnut [butter/spread/sauce] is everything & anything you want it to be.


Karlie Kloss

Model / Founder, Kode with Klossy

Mari Llewellyn

Fitness Influencer / Founder, Bloom Nutrition

Josh Richards

Influencer / Founder, Animal Capital