5 Reasons Why DEUX is The Perfect Cookie Dough

1. It’s crazy delicious

DEUX is delicious, enhanced cookie dough. You can eat it raw or bake it into cookies in literally 7 mins!

2. Made with real ingredients

Most cookie dough is made with refined sugar, shitty ingredients, preservatives, and makes you feel like crap after eating it. DEUX? Never.






Less Sugar

3. No BS

DEUX is made with clean ingredients that are actually good-for-you like oats, almond butter, flaxseed, coconut sugar - everything is Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and there are no BS ingredients.

4. Flavors that'll make you feel like a kid again

You can enjoy chocolate chip, birthday cake, and brownie batter without the sugar crash. Now that's a reason to celebrate.

5. Functional Cookie Dough? Say no more.

Each flavor is enhanced with a different function - Chocolate Chip has immunity vitamins like Zinc and Elderberry, Brownie Batter has a collagen boost for your skin with Aloe Vera and VItamin C, and Birthday Cake has maca in it for a mood boost… or increased libido (heyo!).

Best Sellers Pack 


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Includes 1 jar of Chocolate Chip,  1 jar of Birthday Cake 1 jar of Space Brownie, and 1 jar of Brownie Batter.  Ingredients and nutritional information vary per flavor. 

Yea tbh I expected it to be "healthy good" but it was legit "good good."

I'm NOT being dramatic when I say this is the best cookie dough I've ever eaten in my life.

I bought as an after-dinner treat. It's nice to have a little bit of everything - so I always have exactly what I want when I need it.

My son, husband and I each had a different favorite so none of us had to share! Any time I needed a quick snack I found my self standing at the fridge with a spoon. So yummy!!